Panic Away Review 2017 – Does It Really Work?

Have you ever had Panic Attacks? If yes, then you must know how awful it is. Some panic attacks almost even feel like heart attacks. In this review we will deal with the eBook – Panic Away Guide which provides a guide to the readers on how to tackle panic attacks and get rid of them immediately.

The book also deals with procedures to reduce anxiety through natural procedures without using any sort of drugs. This is a widely popular program which has received a lot of media attention and has been featured multiple times in TV and radio.

According to estimates approximately 85000+ people have already bought this e-Book and have experienced positive results, and more are joining this long list. Although this may not be the right option for everyone suffering with anxiety disorders, but it is a suitable natural solution to reducing problems with anxiety and panic attacks without using psychological therapies or neurological medications that often have harmful side effects.

In this review we will discuss in details about whether this Panic Away guide actually works or not in helping to reduce symptoms related with unwanted anxiety attacks that often disrupt regular lives and make those affected underachieve in their careers as a result of this condition.

What is exactly is Characterized as a Panic Attack or Anxiety Attack?

Firstly, although still disregarded and highly stigmatized in many cultures, panic attacks and anxiety issues are serious and complicated health problems. Only a long sufferer with anxiety problems will understand how horrible it is to go through something like that. Panic attacks are not only painful and physically uncomfortable; they are also embarrassing and sometimes even frightening for those around to witness their loved ones in such state.

anxiety-symptomsMost affected with anxiety issues can only keep themselves in the confines of a group of close friends, or family and often find it difficult to have more social interaction because of their problems. Many of them stick to their homes or their bedrooms only, for most of the time.

For those who do not know what a panic attack feels like, by definition, it is a sudden surge of uncontrollable fear and overwhelming anxiety that almost plagues you. Some people find it difficult to breathe; some may find their heart pounding hard almost like a heart attack.

People often feel they are dying or going crazy. Frequent problems with panic attacks when left untreated can cause other serious problems like a panic disorder. Most chronic sufferers find themselves withdrawn from normal interactions and lose control of their lives.

But believe this when we tell you that, panic attacks and anxiety problems can be treated easily and can completely be eradicated from its roots so that you can rejoin normal activities and lead a happy and healthy life. The sooner people seek to treat their panic problems the better it works.

Sometimes panic attacks simply strike out of the blue, without any prior symptoms or warning. It is a common misconception that panic attacks only occurs when you are worried, when in actuality it may occur anytime, even when someone is asleep or normally relaxed.

Most of the time there is no clear reason for the occurrence of a panic attack and although sometimes it may be an isolated one-time occurrence. Commonly it is recurrent and many experience repeated surges of panic attacks.

The main reason for its occurrence may arise due to some panic-inducing situation where the person feels trapped or extremely fearful. For example, panic attacks can be triggered when asked to speak in public or even when crossing a bridge. Mostly if the situation has triggered an attack previously, there are heightened chances that similar situations may induce an attack.

About the Author

The Panic Away Guide is written by Barry Joseph McDonough, often referred to as Joe Barry. He created this program to do away with panic attacks instantly, as a resort to treat his own problems with frequent and undesired panic attacks that used to strike him in inconvenient places and situations and left him completely shaken and scared.

Author - Barry Joseph McDonoughHe describes that panic attacks kept striking him at odd times like at shopping malls, in lectures and even while driving. Due to such frequent and unexplained occurrences of panic attacks, Joe was transformed from a laid back college student into a nervous wreck with his anxiety levels soaring high due to these uncontrollable and embarrassing surges.

He then decided to seek for help against this condition and found himself disappointed with the advice’s as they only circumscribed around the ways of coping with panic and anxiety issues through therapy and medication but did not do anything to completely treat the problem.

Finally, Joe Barry took matters into his own hands and got involved in deep research about how to get rid of panic attacks. His program the Panic Away Guide, which has currently helped more than 184,000 people suffering from panic attacks to regain control of their lives in more than32 countries is believed to treat problems with panic disorders within a few minutes of time and many have found successful outcomes.

What you actually get with this e-Book?

The main focus of this Panic Away Program to do away with panic attacks within a few minutes is known as The One Move. This one move technique described in his book, allows people to completely eliminate panic disorders from their system and break any panic attack cycle within minutes.

Moreover the best thing about this program is that it is completely drug free. You will no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars in therapy or counseling for your anxiety issues at the psychiatrist’s. With this guide, you will be capable to take control of your panic disorder in a few minutes and it has been proven to help people do away with GAD i.e. General Anxiety Disorder.

Video of Panic away Guide

Initially when the book was first released it was only available in an e-Book format. But now the book is available with a pack of useful CDs with real videos of people experiencing a panic attack in reality. Such an interactive program with helpful audios and videos has really improved the program for people to grasp the main philosophy and concept about panic attacks and about the one move technique so that they can implement it right.

With the videos showing a real person going through a very serious anxiety attack enables various users to find themselves in the field with that person and understand the techniques well by witnessing them being used right in front of their eyes.

The narrative of the Panic Away e-Book is simple enough for all kinds of readers to follow and is quite engaging. He provides ample explanations within the book at places where he used a difficult term. The best feature about the e-Book is that Barry uses real life stories to explain the main ideas with a simple and logical guide.


  • Joe Barry uses real life stories and gives the readers a comprehensive idea about the psychological as well as the physiological basics behind panic attacks.
  • Joe Barry’s methodology is a unique one and very simple to be followed for all kinds of readers.
  • The author has provided highly specific case studies describing in details about panic attacks.
  • The Panic Away eBook progresses at a good pace keeping the information flowing steadily and in a way so that the readers remain hooked.
  • The main idea of ‘the one move’ although is described rather early in the book, but is explained really well and reinforced later.
  • The book comes with a 60 days money back guarantee for people who did not find it effective which is highly reassuring.
  • The audios and videos allow people to listen or view them anywhere at any time. Also recently an HD DVD of the e-Book is also available that allows people to lead the process fast which is advantageous for those who don’t have enough time to read the whole book.


  1. The author suggests that this guide will be effective for everyone. But we suggest that you verify well before buying it as every other person’s situation varies from others.
  2. The Panic Away eBook may feel a bit too lengthy for readers who do not enjoy reading with more than 200 pages. But the narrative is simple enough for people to follow and moves forward at a good pace with a steady flow of information. Also audio books and videos are available for listening to them.

Our Final Verdict

This Panic Away eBook is a recommendable option for those suffering with anxiety issues and panic attacks for a long time, as this a completely drug free program which has zero possibilities of worsening your condition. So why not give it a try? The book is written in a way so as to speak to all people in different situations having troubles with anxiety and can help people overcome issues with GAD.

Buy Panic Away Guide

It is based on real scientific analysis and Barry’s own research on the matter. It is a book and not a magic potion so may require some time and patience for the program to be understood and followed right.

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  1. Wow Panic Away review is the best product for panic attacks.The book is full of useful information. It worked in the best way for me. Thanks for such a helpful product.

  2. I have suffered from panic and anxiety attacks for a long time. Wasted lot of time of my life mostly staying at home just because of it. After using the this guide, a tremendous change was observed in me. At present i am completely cured and all thanks goes to this product.

    1. Hey Scott!! You can download the eBook from the link given in the article. Yes this product is useful and will definitely give good results..

  3. Thanks for the review! I wanted to try it because i want something that is drug free. And i hope this will work for me.

  4. I have panic disorder form 5 years now. I have tried many products and medicines and different techniques but nothing worked for me. Will this product help me ?

    1. Yes it will surely work for you. Its has proven a great product for many so it will work for you too.

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