What’s inside the Panic Away Program?

book setPanic away is a digital book, written by Barry Joseph McDonagh. Through this e-book, Barry has tried to provide a number of herbal and natural techniques that would help you to heal your anxiety and panic.

Barry had been suffering from unwanted panic attack in his college days. He could not realize how to tackle this problem. That time he started his research work and created a unique approach to treat the panic attack. First he applied it on himself and noticed how smoothly he could tackle panic disorder. And after that he disclosed it for the sack of the people.

Barry has represented the e-book in a simple and easy way. In this book he has explained the whole matter and given his real life experience that how he has managed his panic disorder with the help of natural therapies. And now he is free from panic disorder, it is completely gone and he is happy with his life.

Contents of the eBook

In this digital book Barry has explored how one can get rid of panic disorder. So he has mentioned three stages which help to cure panic attack.

Stage 1:In the first stage Barry has talked about “One move method”. It is one of the best techniques that the author has discovered. According to behavioral psychology if anyone is feeling nervous on a particular situation or location, he or she is suffering from panic disorder. In this situation one move method can help you to heal your problem. If one can follow this method properly, he or she would get positive result. It is author’s assurance, because it is a pretested method.

Stage 2: In the Second stage author has given description about general anxiety disorder and has prescribed the tricks that how one can deal with GAD. Barry has given a number of physical and mental exercises and requested the panic sufferers that they should do these exercises regularly to get out of the disease. Only you have to spend a few hours and you can get relief from it.

Stage 3: In the first and second chapters Barry has given a lot of tricks and techniques to solve the general anxiety and panic attack. But in the last and final chapter author has described the symptoms and feelings of anxiety like palpitation, headache, vertigo, blurred vision, faint of heart etc. He has given detailed explanation of these matters and prescribed a lot of procedures which would heal your disease.

What I find in the eBook

Through this book Barry has offered a complete and comprehensive course to the panic sufferers. When I purchase this book, I find useful and simple anxiety management systems. He has divided the whole methods into three steps –

  1.  Trust,
  2. Acceptance, and
  3. Persistence.