My Journey

My Journey with Panic Away Program

Name: Kristy White

Age : 22

Duration of the problem: 8 months

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authorHi, I am Kristy White is living in Miami with my family. I am college student. I love singing, dancing. I am a jovial girl. But there was a problem that I was suffering from unwanted panic attack. Minor incident made me nervous. Then I started shivering, that time I was not able to take breath properly. It seemed to me that the whole world was rolling. I started breathing desperately and tried to grip something until it over. I couldn’t explain my situation when it happened. Generally it stayed two to three minutes.

One day suddenly I felt uncomfortable and within a few seconds my whole body started shaking. Then my mom was with me, she did not understand how to tackle it. Almost two or three minutes I had to go through it. And after that it took me at least half an hour to recover. Actually at the initial stage I did not understand that I was suffering from panic attack. But my mom understood that I had been suffering from panic disorder. She told me the truth. Honestly speaking, I could not believe it.

One day I expressed everything to Paula, my dearest friend. She listened to me and suggested that I should go to the doctor. Next day Paula came to our house to talk with my mom and gave a list where she wrote all the eminent names of the doctors in this field. My parent and I were truly nervous. Within two or three days mom and dad managed to take doctor’s appointment. Mom and I went there. I told everything and my mom had also expressed her concern. But doctor assured me that within six months I would be okay, but at first a few tests had to be done. I got tested. And everything was good. So there was no need to worry. Doctor assured me it would take only six months to cure it.

I started taking pills. Almost six months I had been taking medicines, but nothing worked on me. I did not understand what was happening.

Freaked out??

I am a very lucky girl to have such supportive family. Trust me on that time I was so scared that I could not express it. Basically I am a fun loving girl but that time I was completely changed. Actually I did not accept that I had been suffering from panic disorder. But my mom and dad provided me full support and assured me that my problem would be eliminated very soon and I would be able to get back my happy life. But nothing could console me. I was worried.

Did it affect my life?

I was so scared that my social life was completely disturbed. I could not able to talk peacefully or to go out for shopping because I did not know when I would be attacked and become uncomfortable. So my personal and social life was distressed. Being a panic attack patient, I was not able to move freely. I confined myself within my room. It was painful situation for me. Always there was a thought that would I be able to make my life beautiful or would i have to carry this disease throughout my life.

When Panic away entered the picture!!

In spite of having medicines, my problems were not cured and that scared me. Then I started looking for some effective remedies that could truly help me. Actually I was desperate and wanted to get relief from it. So I started searching for basic information of panic disorder. I wanted to know the actual reason behind it, and how to control sudden panic attack. Though I had found some therapies, but all therapies were useless. Some of them were good but it gave only temporary relief. It was difficult situation that made me helpless.

book setBut still there was a hope. One day I was looking for effective alternatives that would heal my disease. Out of desperation, I began to search for solutions online. While I was searching internet, I noticed ‘panic away” program. The name of the e-book was very striking. I started looking at the book. When I went through the reviews and basic information, I felt that if I could have found it earlier, my disease would be gone. Next day I ordered this program and purchased this book.

I started following all the instructions that had given in the book. And believe me within a few days I could see positive signs. Even I had used only one month and within this time frame a lot of major changes were observed. It was very easy to follow method so I did not face any troubles to maintain the author’s guidelines. One of the key points of this program was the writer did not tell his readers to take medicines. It was a complete natural and herbal procedure.

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Panic away is a digital book which is created by Barry Joseph McDonagh. It is a complete and comprehensive course that helps the panic disorder patient to heal the sudden panic attack. Since the whole procedure is herbal and natural, one doesn’t have to worry about the side effects. In this digital book, Barry has given step by step procedures on how to cure panic disorder naturally.

Actually Barry had been suffering from panic disorder. In his colleges days he had to face sudden panic attack. Though he had tried a lot of medicines, but he could not get accurate result. All these medicines and procedures were fake and useless.

He was looking for something that would really help him to tackle his disease. He started doing his research and had found solution. First he applied it on him and observed the result. With the help of his creation Barry was able to cure his disorder. After that author decided to spread his unique creation for other panic attack suffers.

I have been using it for more than one month and now I am fit and healthy. After using panic away, I do not face sudden panic attack. It is boon for me. My whole family and I are grateful to Barry. He returns my happy life. Thanks Barry.

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